Starting tonight I decided I was going to write a series designed to be a basic guide and provide you with an overall understanding of what peels do, what to expect, and how to care for your skin after a peel.  Your safety and satisfaction is VERY important to me.  So post, email or even call me personally!


* Do not shave the area being treated 2 days prior to the peel.

*Do not resume shaving until the shedding has started

* Stop using RetinA or other chemical exfoliators 2 days before the peel

* Use sun protection at all times especially when you have chemical peels

* Never pick at or pull the shedding skin if  it is still firmly attached

* Do not scatch at your skin after the peel or during the shedding process

* Do not indoor tan while having a series of peels

* Do not have a chemical peel when you are pregnant or nursing

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