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Stacy Sossner of Fine Aesthetics (, 561-926-7686) Is a legend in the skin care industry. A veteran who is dedicated to the health and wellness of your skin, for a healthy, happier you! With all the latest skincare techniques and treatments, a gift from “Fine Aesthetics” will be one they remember for years to come!

– Gregg Weiss
VP of Morgan Stanley


The Red Carpet Facial:

It’s amazing enough to where I was being accused of a face lift just last week in a before/after picture for a health website….Stacy Sossner and her taking care of my skin played a big part in that!!!
– Inga Rohr-Webb


No one has ever done my brows better. Stacy, what you did on my face was outstanding. I love what you do, I so appreciate my friend Diane referring me to for your treatment. I may live in the north,聽 but for another one of your treatments, I’ll be back.
~ Susan D.


“Stacy Sossner of Stacy Sossner Organics Fan Page is our wax goddess as well as our facial princess. She is located in at the time being (trying to get her to Delray!) and makes us feel so so special while we are under her care and aura.”聽

~ Kimberly West

Thank you Stacy Sossner for “whatever” it was that you did to me! All I can say is “amazing”….After you performed Reiki, on me, and cleared my chokras, I became the “energizer bunny..”…LOL…If I thought I was energetic before……You’re an angel!
~ Cheryl Resnick –


July 9 at 3:14pm2


Cheryl Resnick oops….thanks Mr. Holly Wood…..I didn’t catch that…ALL I do know is I was opened up like wowser!
John Holly Wood I know my Chakras 馃檪 so I understand…Not much better 馃檪
Cheryl Resnick what do you mean not much better?

  • Stacy Sossner What was performed helps change your life for the better and balance your life, besides providing natural healing powers. The entire process can quickly relieve stress, making it easier to relax. When the body鈥檚 natural balance is restored, easier healing takes place and a balanced life free of stress is part of the life changes that are likely to occur.



HUGE Shout UP!!! When you are OPEN with your feelings, Earth Angels will appear every single time to listen, nurture, support and love you when you are feeling a little down. Yesterday I had 3 of those Angels show UP! Number 1-Thank you Stacy Sossner of Stacy Sossner Organics Fan Page for the ever so loving, spiritual ORGANIC (with her own line of products!!!) facial I have EVER had! She is located in at Salon 300. It was an “experience” that was so beautiful, that I must share. PLEASE treat yourself and others to a facial of a lifetime.
– Kimberly West, Author,
CEO of Allow Your Spirit to Soar

I agree Kimberly, Stacy’s facial is extraordinary! 鈾 Its much more than a facial it’s total body re-balancing.
Evelyn Ballin, Founder/Owner of The Heart Painter

Thank you for one of the absolute Best facials ever Stacy! You truly are the best in the tri-county area. Let me know if you want to set up your free consultation for personal training. Thank you again-my skin feels amazing and your professionalism cannot be matched.
-Shawna Wanemacher

I just had the most relaxing100% Organic facial by Stacy Sossner at
Salon 300. Your Skin Care line is amazing. My skin is so soft and clean.
I love that it’s toxin and chemical free..
-Ellen Sherman, xo


Stacy Sossner has great skin products at affordable prices. I have extremely sensitive skin, and Stacy’s products are very gentle and smell divine. I really love them.

—-Trish Silver, Author of “When I Remember Love”

I love the NEW facial treatment you did! Why is this so different from most facials I have had in the past? My face looks and feels GREAT!!! U Rock!!!
—Tanya Cross

Such a nice touch to your already amazing facials… My skin is still glowing from my Saturday session with you! 馃檪
–Wendy Sackl






I agree Kimberly, Stacy’s facial is extraordinary! 鈾 Its much more than a facial it’s total body re-balancing.
Evelyn Ballin, Founder/Owner of The Heart Painter